We've expanded access to financial and research protocol/study data.

  • Link To New Financial System (SIMBA): A link to the new Penn State Financial System (SIMBA) is now available in the Financial Accounts section. The link will open a new browser tab with access to the SIMBA myFunds tile. Penn State VPN access is requred for this access. Please note that SIMBA should be used as reference for all active accounts and IBIS information is for archival reference only.
  • New Dashboard Layout: The myResearch portal now includes a Dashboard layout (default) along with Summary and Tab layouts. Default layouts can be set by the user.
  • Abstract Search: The myResearch Portal provides the capability for you to search abstracts. You simply enter the keywords that you’d like as search criteria into the box in the Abstracts area on the Summary View. The system searches abstracts for the terms that you enter; a summary of results is displayed in a separate tab, so popups will need to be enabled for your browser.
  • Research protocol/study data: All study team members can view details of their protocol/study from the CATS or PRAMS system by clicking on the study.

NOTE: When a delegate drills down to view more details, the Portal checks the delegate's access and not the faculty member's. The source system's security is always honored by the myResearch Portal.

All Penn State access account holders can access the myResearch Portal.

Some systems may require PSU VPN Services to access.

If you are having problems accessing or using this system, please email myResearch@psu.edu.

Frequently asked questions about the portal.

SIMBA myFunds Portal Quick Start Guide

SIMBA myFunds Portal Resources Guide

SIMBA Reporting Tips and Best Practices for Webi

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